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Our vision is to change the culture of Australian education. The sooner we embrace a balanced individualised approach, the sooner we will see a better Australia.

We offer tailored, one on one, private, in-home tutors to both primary and high school students. All tutors are background checked, carefully selected, and thoroughly trained. Our goal is to go beyond just improving grades, by creating students that have a life long love of learning.

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How Do I Book One of the Stress Less Tutors Near Me?

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You can contact Stress Less Tutoring by either calling our company number or by using a contact form. We have a usual response time of up to 24 hours. If you send in a message using the contact form, we will send a message to book a time to speak to you about your child’s story.

Your Story

We see many similar problems, but it’s the stories that we’re interested in. By getting to know you and your child, we have a much greater chance of making a tailored plan that deals with the cause of the problem. So spare us no details! By doing so, you’ll find that the tutor you receive is more likely to be a better fit longterm.

A Tailored Plan

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. To deal with this, we create a new solution for every student we work with. By using the collective thousands of hours of experience at our disposal, we create a solution tailored specifically for your child.

From here, you’ll also receive a client account that gives you access to any lesson notes the tutor has left from a session.

Tutor Arrives

The first session is almost always focused on establishing a rapport between the student and the tutor. It often helps for the parent to be present for the first 15 minutes of these sessions to get a chance to also speak with the tutor. From here, the tutor will look at the student’s previous work to see any foundational content issues. Simultaneously, they will be analysing whether there are any underlying issues that aren’t related to content.

After finishing, the tutor will speak with management to inform them on how the session went. Management will also call the parent later in the week to talk about the session from their perspective. From there, we can make any changes we feel are necessary for the student’s plan

  • Stress Less Tutoring is great with kids. They connected with my child straight away and my son enjoys his tutoring lessons, which has helped my son in leaps and bounds with his English as he is in year four and struggled through school until now. I would recommend Stress Less Tutoring to anyone who needs help with schooling.

    Kylie P.
  • Matthew and his team are outstanding, making sure that his Tutors get along and totally understand their students. my son has bonded very well with his Tutor and they share a liking with a lot of things, making learning fun. Thank you so much stress less tutoring.

    Kristy S.
  • Our 13-year-old son is homeschooled and we have used Stress Less Tutoring for the past 12 months in the capacity of teaching the curriculum content. Matthew has always allowed the sessions to be productive and fun. His calm and stress-free personality has been a breath of fresh air. He instantly connected well with our son which has helped him remain motivated for learning. We will continue to use Stress Less Tutoring and would highly recommend Stress Less Tutoring to any person considering tutoring options for their kids.

    Tracey W.


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