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Congratulations, you’ve finally found that something ‘different‘ you’ve been looking for. Primary school tutoring is one of the core services we offer at Stress Less Tutoring. Our priority is making sure your child develops a life long interest in education.

That means we aren’t here to punish your child into doing well. We hold ourselves to a higher standard by making sure your child is tutored by someone who can relate to them. Truth is, kids don’t learn from people they don’t like. The research on this is so blindingly clear that we think it’s crazy that other people still try to tutor any other way.

Unfortunately, this trend of ignoring the preferred method of child learning has led to some worrying statistics.





As children learn, each new skill is a brick. The bricks are placed from the ground up to form a wall of knowledge. But some children don’t get all the bricks. There is no time to slow down. As they build the wall, there are holes instead of bricks, [and eventually] the holes create instability until the wall collapses. Children can continue to learn to a point, but then it all comes crashing down.’


If recognised early, intervention can be provided so that they can continue to learn. But if unrecognised… there comes a time when the wall cannot get any taller before it crashes.


– Dr Annemarie Christie

Every primary school student should experience learning
from someone they can look up to

Your Child’s Journey With Us

  • We spend the time and money others don’t to find tutors who are not only great content tutors, but also engaging people who your child can look up to and enjoy
  • What your child expects to be another boring teacher (not our opinion, it’s what kids will assume), turns out to be someone closer to their age who they can relate to
  • This connection lets students see the tutoring sessions as less of a chore – letting us show them what they can be capable of with the right support
  • The experience of doing well in school, without the feeling of being punished into doing so, lets us create students who want to become life-long independent learners
  • We maintain their support network behind the scenes, ensuring that your child has the greatest chance of becoming the sort of student we know so many kids could potentially be
  • Stress Less Tutoring is great with kids. They connected with my child straight away and my son enjoys his tutoring lessons, which has helped my son in leaps and bounds with his English as he is in year four and struggled through school until now. I would recommend Stress Less Tutoring to anyone who needs help with schooling.

    Kylie P.
  • Matthew and his team are outstanding, making sure that his Tutors get along and totally understand their students. my son has bonded very well with his Tutor and they share a liking with a lot of things, making learning fun. Thank you so much stress less tutoring.

    Kristy S.
  • Our 13-year-old son is homeschooled and we have used Stress Less Tutoring for the past 12 months in the capacity of teaching the curriculum content. Matthew has always allowed the sessions to be productive and fun. His calm and stress-free personality has been a breath of fresh air. He instantly connected well with our son which has helped him remain motivated for learning. We will continue to use Stress Less Tutoring and would highly recommend Stress Less Tutoring to any person considering tutoring options for their kids.

    Tracey W.

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