Physics attempts to help students understand the natural laws that govern our universe. Beyond this, it also tries to show the impact historical discoveries have had on our society.


Primary Science is focused on getting students interested in the world of science. Science at this level is understanding what it means to conduct an experiment as well as what the scientific method is.

Most student problems at this level are usually based on a lack of interest in the subject. By having a tutor who can engage your child, you’ll be shocked at the change in interest.


High school general science is to show students what they can expect from studying Chemistry, Physics, or Biology. This means your child will cover many different topics – often requiring a report or presentation as assessment

The problems students face with this is often time-management based. This is because experiment reports can’t be put together the day before they’re due. They require weeks of prior research. Therefore out tutors focus primarily on time management and scheduling for this subject.


Famously difficult, Physics is the closest combination of Maths and Science available in school. In essence, students are tasked with identifying natural phenomena and understanding how they theoretically work. By using formulas, students can predict outcomes by using math.

The key to this subject is 100% the management of your time. Particularly, since the subject demands a strong knowledge base in both the fundamentals of science and mathematics. Our Tutors spend the earlier period with a student getting to know how much the student already knows. This allows us to tailor plans on an individualised basis.



Chemistry helps students understand the things that make up the structure of our universe. Students also learn what happens during the interactions of these structures.


Chemistry is considered a difficult subject due to how complex the material is. In essence, students are being taught how several complex relationships interact with each other. Students will be taught chemical structures, molecular interactions, and redox reactions.

The difficulty is due to each unit of content being built off the previous unit. Due to this, most student problems in chemistry come from a domino effect where doing bad in term 1 means doing bad in term 2.

The key to this for tutors is to work backward to see any gap in the student’s knowledge. Preferably, the student receives help before completing their first unit.



From anatomy to microscopic ecosystems biology tries to explain how the organisms of our universe function and interact.


Biology covers the analysis of biological systems of different sizes from cellular systems to major ecological systems. While sometimes seen as the easiest of the three sciences, it can surprise students who underestimate it.

Problems with Biology for students usually stem from adding emotion and opinion in their assessments. This can confuse students who have been taught to add emotion in English reports

Our Tutors have experience with these assessment pieces and are aware of what criteria students are being marked on. This can help clarify content as well as direct the student’s work in the most optimal direction.


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