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Most tutoring companies will promise you results at any costwe think it’s important to know what that cost looks like.

Cost of Only Caring about Results… (2019 study of thousands of students)




By developing methods from psychological theory, we are able to mentor students in ways that won’t lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety for your teenager.

We understand the importance of doing well in school, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard. By ensuring our specialist tutors also help place a focus on balance. To us, doing well in school isn’t just performing well in your subjects, it’s developing a life-long interest in the skill of learning.

The 3 P’s to go from stress to success


Finding the right tutor for your highschool child can make or break the tutoring sessions.

It’s because of this, that we don’t only look to hire subject specialists, but also extremely engaging tutors.

The truth is, whether a student is in grade 1 or grade 12, they learn better from people they like. So, we take the time when you call to get as many details as we can about their interests. You’ll be shocked at what a difference this personal touch makes in the long-run.


Almost everyone makes the mistake of thinking the symptom is the same as the cause.

To guarantee long-term change, we make sure to help address the foundational issues your highschool child might be having. Whether it’s not knowing how to study, missing an earlier concept, or very commonly – a lack of motivation in school.

Don’t waste your time trying to fix the wrong problem.


This is the step that is constantly evolving. We are only interested in plans that help your high school child find a long term love of learning.

We use every tool we have access to, which will likely include working with you, the parent. Our tutors will discuss with management the progress of their students. This allows us to provide you with the collective input of thousands of hours of experience.

As the old saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.


We know most high school students don’t like the idea of needing a tutor. They think needing help means you aren’t smart. To that – I ask them to give me the name of any elite sportsperson who has never had a coach…


-Matthew Logan

  • Stress Less Tutoring is great with kids. They connected with my child straight away and my son enjoys his tutoring lessons, which has helped my son in leaps and bounds with his English as he is in year four and struggled through school until now. I would recommend Stress Less Tutoring to anyone who needs help with schooling.

    Kylie P.
  • Matthew and his team are outstanding, making sure that his Tutors get along and totally understand their students. my son has bonded very well with his Tutor and they share a liking with a lot of things, making learning fun. Thank you so much stress less tutoring.

    Kristy S.
  • Our 13-year-old son is homeschooled and we have used Stress Less Tutoring for the past 12 months in the capacity of teaching the curriculum content. Matthew has always allowed the sessions to be productive and fun. His calm and stress-free personality has been a breath of fresh air. He instantly connected well with our son which has helped him remain motivated for learning. We will continue to use Stress Less Tutoring and would highly recommend Stress Less Tutoring to any person considering tutoring options for their kids.

    Tracey W.

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