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In-Person Tutoring

Our main service where we come to you! Our tutor selection is based on 20 variables that impact a student’s learning to ensure the best match possible. This attention to detail is what helps our tutors achieve what others can’t.

Focus-30 (Online-Tutoring)

Focus-30 is our online tutoring alternative. Available only for Math and English tutoring for high school students. This service includes 30-minute sessions conducted via an online learning platform. This is our recommendation for busy high school students who require quick and flexible sessions.

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  • Stress Less Tutoring is great with kids. They connected with my child straight away and my son enjoys his tutoring lessons, which has helped my son in leaps and bounds with his English as he is in year four and struggled through school until now. I would recommend Stress Less Tutoring to anyone who needs help with schooling.

    Kylie P.
  • Matthew and his team are outstanding, making sure that his Tutors get along and totally understand their students. my son has bonded very well with his Tutor and they share a liking with a lot of things, making learning fun. Thank you so much stress less tutoring.

    Kristy S.
  • Our 13-year-old son is homeschooled and we have used Stress Less Tutoring for the past 12 months in the capacity of teaching the curriculum content. Matthew has always allowed the sessions to be productive and fun. His calm and stress-free personality has been a breath of fresh air. He instantly connected well with our son which has helped him remain motivated for learning. We will continue to use Stress Less Tutoring and would highly recommend Stress Less Tutoring to any person considering tutoring options for their kids.

    Tracey W.

We have education totally backwards. The idea that you can punish a child into enjoying the content they find boring is insane. If you want to see real change in a child, don’t give them more worksheets to do, give them someone who they can relate to. The sooner we change our system to be ‘person first, content second’; the sooner we will see more children enjoying school – Matthew Logan, Owner, and Founder of Stress Less Tutoring

Gold Coast Tutoring FAQs

What can I expect from a private tutor?

With our Gold Coast tutors, you can expect a personalised approach that builds rapport, identifies knowledge gaps, and adapts teaching methods to cater to individual student needs. Our tutors are dedicated to effectively communicating with both students and parents, ensuring a supportive and effective learning environment.

Do you offer group sessions?

No. To ensure your child receives the best version of our service, we only provide one-on-one tutoring. This allows our Gold Coast tutors to give your child their full attention

What subjects do you offer?

We cover primary and high school Math and English tutoring as well as high school science and humanities subjects. For a full list, Click Here!

Does my child need a tutor?

Every child would benefit from the help of a gold coast tutor. However, realistically, not every student needs a tutor. If you believe that your student is struggling with school, a tutor can provide a private outlet for the student to ask questions they would otherwise never get a chance to ask. If possible, starting tutoring with your child before they are in year 11 or 12 does allow for a better chance to develop better study habits while the workload is smaller. Tutoring may be the wrong choice if it doesn’t allow younger students any time for socialisation with their peers.

How do you match a tutor with my child?

While we are proud of all our Gold Coast tutors, we understand that finding the right person may be the reason tutoring does or does not work. To ensure this happens, we make sure to speak to you first over the phone to get a better understanding of the student’s history and interests. We then aim to pair them with a tutor who can most empathise and engage with that student. In total, we consider 20 different variables when deciding who to match with who.

Why our Gold Coast Tutors outperform the rest

Secret 1

- Mental Health

The most important factor in any learning – the mind. At Stress Less Tutoring, helping students do well in school isn’t enough. We help create students who love learning, and who can go on to continue their own learning well past their years at school. 

Secret 2

- Tailored Holistic Approach

We understand that all kids are different and often require different solutions to similar problems. From your initial call, we will start putting together a report of your child that will build and change over time. The end result is a plan tailored specifically to your child. (You can relax, we aren’t just going to give your child a set of worksheets that bore them to death).

Secret 3

- Communication

You aren’t kept in the dark! By keeping parents informed on the student’s progress and plans, we have a greater chance of helping them. By strengthening this support network, the better off your child becomes.

What sets our Gold Coast Tutors apart


As the name suggests, our biggest priority is to reduce the anxiety rates of students in school (and the parents who help them)

Our culture is built on the foundation of having students enjoy learning through any means necessary


We provide holistic driven tutoring for all students in grades 1 to 12 in all subjects.

Our hand-selected tutors will use our support network to build and implement individualised plans.


Hate being kept in the dark? So do we. When we say we are determined to improve the mental health of your child, we mean it.

Before your first session, you’ll receive an initial report on what our plan with your child is. This report will grow as more sessions happen, all of which will be sent straight to you!


What makes us different is that we care about more than just marks.

Stress Less Tutors are selected on their ability to engage and inspire different students. We’re passionate about creating life long learners.


Explore our flexible learning options available seven days a week, both face-to-face and online, with no contracts or minimum commitments. Our expert tutors are ready to help you succeed at your own pace, wherever you are.


All our tutors are locally based, thoroughly screened, and possess registered Working With Children Checks. We ensure that every tutor meets high standards of safety and expertise to provide the best learning environment for our students.

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