Why Life is About Finding Your Hidden Talents and Passion

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This article applies to both students and adults alike. I have met hundreds of people that believe that they are either too stupid to succeed, or just don’t have any talent. You are wrong.

I’ll say that of course, some people are naturally talented. But even Mozart had to try to start playing the piano at some point. My point is very simple, too many people believe that because they aren’t good at something, they must be bad at everything.

Here’s the problem. Passion doesn’t find you, you find your passion. When you overthink things, you never even try. That’s the name of the game. Try a lot of things to see what you enjoy and what works for you. If you’re obsessed with candles, do that. If wine is your thing, go nuts. If things don’t work out, at least you won’t regret not trying when you’re 80.

Regret scares me. You only get one life. The idea that so many people work for the weekend baffles me. It’s not that I don’t understand the reasoning – it’s just that excuses don’t change reality. If you are working a job you don’t like, 9-5, but aren’t doing anything to change that – stop complaining about it.

Doing something you actually want to do is terrifyingly hard. Because it’s not what everyone else says you should do. I’m just more scared of the alternative where I ignore my passion and regret doing the normal thing when I’m 80.

I push independence and resilience to the kids I help tutor because that’s the real world. Will Shakespeare help them in life? maybe? Will being a confident individual help them in life? Absolutely. 

If there is any time to do it, it’s right now. Thanks to the internet, you can 100% make something out of your passion. It just takes genuine hard work to make it happen. 

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  • jessica

    Such an inspiring article. Proving that it is okay to try a lot of things to figure out what you enjoy and what works for you

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