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  • Stress Less Tutoring is great with kids. They connected with my child straight away and my son enjoys his tutoring lessons, which has helped my son in leaps and bounds with his English as he is in year four and struggled through school until now. I would recommend Stress Less Tutoring to anyone who needs help with schooling.

    Kylie P.
  • Matthew and his team are outstanding, making sure that his Tutors get along and totally understand their students. my son has bonded very well with his Tutor and they share a liking with a lot of things, making learning fun. Thank you so much stress less tutoring.

    Kristy S.
  • Our 13-year-old son is homeschooled and we have used Stress Less Tutoring for the past 12 months in the capacity of teaching the curriculum content. Matthew has always allowed the sessions to be productive and fun. His calm and stress-free personality has been a breath of fresh air. He instantly connected well with our son which has helped him remain motivated for learning. We will continue to use Stress Less Tutoring and would highly recommend Stress Less Tutoring to any person considering tutoring options for their kids.

    Tracey W.

We have education totally backwards. The idea that you can punish a child into enjoying the content they find boring is insane. If you want to see real change in a child, don’t give them more worksheets to do, give them someone who they can relate to. The sooner we change our system to be ‘person first, content second’; the sooner we will see more children enjoying school – Matthew Logan, Owner, and Founder of Stress Less Tutoring

Our ‘Not So’ Secrets To Our Success

Secret 1

- Mental Health

The most important factor in any learning – the mind. At Stress Less Tutoring, helping students do well in school isn’t enough. We help create students who love learning, and who can go on to continue their own learning well past their years at school. 

Secret 2

- Tailored Holistic Approach

We understand that all kids are different and often require different solutions to similar problems. From your initial call, we will start putting together a report of your child that will build and change over time. The end result is a plan tailored specifically to your child. (You can relax, we aren’t just going to give your child a set of worksheets that bore them to death).

Secret 3

- Communication

You aren’t kept in the dark! By keeping parents informed on the student’s progress and plans, we have a greater chance of helping them. By strengthening this support network, the better off your child becomes.



We provide holistic driven tutoring for all students in grades 1 to 12 in all subjects.

Our hand-selected tutors will use our support network to build and implement individualised plans.


What makes us different is that we care about more than just marks.

Stress Less Tutors are selected on their ability to engage and inspire different students. We’re passionate about creating life long learners.


Our tutors come to you, meaning you never have to leave your home for tutoring.

All Stress Less Tutors have completed their schooling in Australia, so you can be confident that they will be mentoring your child from personal experience.


Hate being kept in the dark? So do we. When we say we are determined to improve the mental health of your child, we mean it.

Before your first session, you’ll receive an initial report on what our plan with your child is. This report will grow as more sessions happen, all of which will be sent straight to you!


Having a tutor doesn’t have to be a massive expense, with face-to-face and online options available, we can cater to your circumstances

After your first 100% happiness guarantee sessions (love it or it’s free), we will set you up with the world’s simplest payment system. Lessons will simply be automated from your credit or debit card following a lesson.


As the name suggests, our biggest priority is to reduce the anxiety rates of students in school (and the parents who help them)

Our culture is built on the foundation of having students enjoy learning through any means necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Main 5 Reasons That Tutoring Is Required?

  1. A Lack In Confidence Or Attitude
  2. Lack Of Organised Study Habits
  3. Lack Of Attention In Class
  4. No Concept Of Learning Strategies Or Not Knowing How To Effectively Study
  5. Unmotivated – Doesn’t Want To Succeed Or Care About The Outcome.

What Are The 5 Most Valuable Things A Tutor Can Do For A Student?

  1. Relate To The Student, Listen To Them And Have An Understanding For Eachother
  2. Teaching The Student How To Effectively Learn & Become Self Taught Capable
  3. Engage The Students Into A Positive, Energetic & Enthusiast Learn Process.
  4. Create Confidence In The Student To Help Them Gain More Confidence Within Themselves Making The Learning Process Fun For Everyone.
  5. Create An Entertaining & Fun Learning Environment Your Kid Will Want To Return To.

What Is The Ratio Of Tutors To Students?

The ratio is always a one on one learning process as it is proven to be more effective and allows the student and tutor to adapt to each other rather than focusing on a whole class, engaging on a personal level with the student to help them throughout their learning journey. This therefore allows the tutor to zone in and help the student the best they can without distractions.

Can I Speak To The Tutor First?

Of Course you can! Our tutors will call you to introduce themselves and to discuss your requirements for your child. You make the ultimate decision if you feel like the tutor will help your child or not.

What If The Student and Tutor Don’t Get Along Or Vice Versa?

Let us know immediately and we’ll put a plan in action, whether that is assigning a new tutor for your child or another course of action.

Are Your Tutors Available All Year Round?

Yes! Our tutors are available all year round, 7 days a week! Get in contact today to find out if we can help you.

How Do I Know You’ll Find Me The Most Appropriate Tutor?

We have a excellent knowledge of our tutors characteristics, ability, experience and qualifications. We will recommend you our most suited tutor to your requirements regarding the students current ability, strengths, weaknesses or special requirements, the subject, level of education, location & our availability to cater you.

What Subjects Do You Tutor?

We Tutor A Wide Range Of Subjects, To Find Out More Click Here!

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